Let this moment sink into your heart.


The vitality of the sea made up of abyss and fluctuations. For the wine chosen.

"The seabed may revolutionize aging wine" 
A seaman taught me that.

The ruby-colored liquid certainly made him smile when he took a sip of red wine that had been aged in the coral sea.

It was wine unleashed from the terrestrial environment,
surrendered to the heartbeats of the ocean floor,
and, when you wake it up from that long sleep,
it transforms beautifully, like Venus.

I was there. SUBRINA is a delicious goddess born from the waters of Earth.



The varieties that should be invited to the seabed are red South African jewels.

A wine that withstands the unknown seabed environment
and has the power to condense in a truly unique way during aging.
This is true of the Syrah red wine of Graceland Vineyards in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Surrounded by nature, it's a farm with high levels of sunshine at an altitude of 250 meters, blessed with soil and rainfall.
The by-hand process, which minimizes chemicals and does not rely on machines,
shows a deep respect for nature.

It's a wine made with this philosophy in mind.


Knowing the truth about Wadatsumi in the shining,azure sea of Minami-izu.

The submarine wine cellar is located off the coast of Minamiizu at a depth of 15 meters beneath transparent waters
and surrounded by the natural scenery facing the national park.

With the flow of the tide, the dynamism of the wind,
and a tide that changes with the four seasons, the powerful waters are anything but stagnant.


Juicy fruit flavors and fresh acidity.
The coexistence of richness and freshness.

Nuances of ripe black cherry and roasted plum.
Aromas with a matured feel, including cocoa, licorice, and humus.

With a rounded, gentle, and smooth mouthfeel, it has an impressive texture that combines both density and clarity, making it a notable red wine.


Only one piece of nature art in the world.

The repatriated wine shows it was sleeping on the seabed,
with the bottle covered with sea gifts, such as lime algae and barnacles.

No two bottles have the same look, and each one is unique.
Enjoy the unique art of the natural world.


Striving for a sustainable cycle that harmonizes people and nature.

Delivering an enriched experience through the enjoyment of luxury goods without damaging the environment.
We aim to provide products that are mindful of preserving the natural environment as it is.
Our wines are produced in a winery that minimizes the impact on the ecosystem, utilizing undersea wine cellars to age the wines while also creating off-season employment for local divers.

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